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It is our desire to approach the topic of forgiveness from a Biblical world view on this web site.  However, many who we reference on this web site do not necessarily share a Biblical world view.  This means that there may be certain aspects of a particular author or researcher’s work or writings that we might be in partial or total disagreement with.  Nevertheless, we may find value in their contribution to our understanding of this vital topic and respect them for their commitment to help others find relief from their suffering and pain through forgiveness.

If you as a visitor to this web site choose to make comments about a particular post, we ask you to treat those who are referenced on this site with respect.  What we are after on this web site is a better understanding of how to help others work through forgiveness issues, expecially those who suffer with complex trauma issues.

It is our conviction that all truth belongs to God, whether it is communicated through the written pages of the Bible, in a mother’s warm embrace, a father’s “high five”, or medicine’s discoveries regarding heart health, for example.

Let our prayer always be that God would reveal His truth to us, for His glory, our joy, and the healing of those we are privileged to serve and that we would have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a soft, teachable heart to receive what God is pleased to reveal.

What happens when science’s discoveries differ with what Biblical truth? It is our conviction that the Bible, God’s written Word, is the ultimate, supreme, revelation of truth, so that all our apparent scientific discoveries and the conclusions we might make regarding such discoveries must be weighed, in the end, against the Word of God. If any of our “discoveries” fall short of, or vary from, or contradict God’s Word, we must reexamine our conclusions. In other words, it is our conviction that God’s Word trumps all other sources of information or revelation.

Above all, this web site is dedicated to the courageous women and men, girls and boys, who have been negatively impacted by trauma, abuse, or neglect and still struggle to make peace with their past and walk in freedomIt is our conviction that the choice to receive the love and forgiveness of God and then in gratitude to extend forgiveness to those who have injured us, is absolutely necessary if we hope to experience God’s healing.

Our prayer is that as each of us continue to learn to walk in true forgiveness (as one expression of an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ and as a wonderful provision of God for our healing), each will find greater peace of mind and heart.

A final note.  The scientific information provided on this Web site is provided for the purpose of encouraging research, public awareness, education and advocacy. It is not intended to be, and should not be used as, a substitute for medical treatment or advice by a health care professional or a licensed mental health professional. The information provided is not for the purpose of making a diagnosis of your condition or someone else’s conditon or a recommendation about the course of treatment for your particular circumstances or the circumstances of someone else.

Furthermore, the Biblical passages and Biblical principles presented on this web site are provided for your benefit and further study. Although it is our intent to always present an accurate treatment of Biblical truth, it is the responsibility of every believer to, like the Bereans (see Acts 17:11) “receive the word with all readiness of mind, and search the scriptures daily, to determine whether [what is spoken by others] is in keeping with the whole counsel of God (the Old and New Testament). We are to do this in reliance upon the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth (John 16:13), even as we walk in fellowship with other believers.


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